August 29 - September 6, 2020

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TK Sparta Prague Open 2020 is the largest tennis tournament ever played in the Czech Republic. 128 players will play in the main draw. Representatives of WTA, TK Sparta Prague and the Czech Tennis Association agreed on the organization of the tournament. It replaces the US Open qualification, which was canceled due to a coronovirus pandemic. The event is one of the first international tennis tournaments after the restart of the tennis WTA season. The tournament will be organized in accordance with very strict hygiene and safety measures, which are jointly coordinated by the organizers, representatives of the WTA and representatives of relevant organizations and institutions in the Czech Republic. That is why the tournament will be without spectators. The matches will be broadcast by Czech Television on ČT Sport.

It will be played on the clay courts of the TK Sparta Prague complex and for the first days with regard to the number of matches also in the I. ČLTK complex.